1. 2021

    Potential COVID-19 treatment identified in UCLA-led lab study

  2. 2020

    Gene therapy gives man with sickle cell disease the chance for a better future

  3. The impact of 15 years of CIRM funding at UCLA

  4. How UCLA scientists are using stem cells to take on COVID-19

  5. UCLA scientists receive grants for COVID-19 research from California’s stem cell agency

  6. Six patients with rare blood disease are doing well after gene therapy clinical trial

  7. 2019

    Three UCLA scientists receive grants totaling more than $18 million

  8. UCLA receives $10 million from The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation

  9. Clinical trial for late-stage lung cancer opens for recruitment

  10. UCLA scientists create a renewable source of cancer-fighting T cells

  11. 2018

    $5.1 million grant will fund research to develop a stem cell-based therapy for blinding eye conditions

  12. Family travels 7,500 miles to save son’s life with treatment developed at UCLA

  13. New grant funds cutting-edge UCLA clinical trial for late-stage lung cancer

  14. Alpha Stem Cell Clinics Symposium champions patients and research

  15. 2017

    UCLA opens first engineered blood stem cell clinical trial for cancers with the NY-ESO-1 tumor marker

  16. Mice headed for space to test bone-building drug developed at UCLA

  17. Study overturns seminal research about the developing nervous system

  18. Eli and Edythe Broad announce new $1M grant at stem cell symposium hosted by UCLA

  19. 2016

    Dr. Owen Witte receives Stanford University alumni award in biomedical sciences

  20. UCLA's cutting-edge Duchenne muscular dystrophy research funded by California's stem cell agency

  21. 2015

    Zipursky awarded prize

  22. Andrew Goldstein on ESPN

  23. Ovarian cancer discovery

  24. Clinical trial led by UCLA receives $7.4 million in state stem cell funding

  25. BSCRC Director Receives Prestigious G.H.A. Clowes Memorial Award

  26. Treating Sickle Cell Disease - Research Shows Promising Method for Correcting Genetic Code

  27. 2014

    $6 Million Awarded to Physician-Scientists for Clinical and Translational Grants from State Stem Cell Agency

  28. UCLA and UCI Awarded $8M to Launch Collaborative Stem Cell Clinic “Center of Excellence”

  29. Clinician-Scientist Receives Research Leadership Award

  30. Campus launches The Centennial Campaign for UCLA

  31. The Broad Foundations Donate $4 million to Support UCLA Research in Stem Cell Science and Digestive Diseases

  32. BSCRC Director Inducted into Cancer Research Academy

  33. Five UCLA stem cell scientists receive $3.5 million from CIRM that will forward revolutionary stem cell science in medicine.

  34. 2013

    UCLA Scientists Taking Stem Cell Research to Patients

  35. $13 Million Awarded to 4 UCLA Researchers from State Stem Cell Agency

  36. Stem Cell Researcher Receives Stem Cell “Bank” Initiative Grant

  37. UCLA Scholars Awarded Sloan Research Fellowships

  38. 2012

    BSCRC Scientists Awarded $20 Million Grant to Develop New Melanoma Treatment and Test it in Clinical Trials

  39. Vision improves modestly in patients after human embryonic stem cell transplants

  40. BSCRC Receives $1 Million to Support Annual Educational Symposium

  41. 2011

    President Obama Nominates Broad Stem Cell Research Center Director Dr. Owen Witte to Serve on the President's Cancer Panel

  42. NIH Awards $4 million to BSCRC researchers recognizing their leading-edge, innovative research

  43. CIRM awards more than $8 million to BSCRC researchers to investigate basic mechanisms underlying stem cell biology and differentiation

  44. CIRM awards more than $5.3 million to BSCRC researchers to develop innovative tools and technologies.

  45. 2010

    CIRM-BSCRC Laboratory Opens in Terasaki Life Sciences Building

  46. Four UCLA Researchers awarded $12 million in grants to translate basic discoveries into therapies

  47. BSCRC researcher Gay Crooks receives $1.35 million from CIRM to fund research into transplantation immunology.

  48. NIH accepts three UCLA human embryonic stem cell (hESC) lines into their hESC Registry.

  49. 2009

    CIRM awards $49.2 million to BSCRC scientists to advance bench to bedside research.

  50. BSCRC launches Scholars in Translational Medicine (STM) Program

  51. CalTech-UCLA collaboration establishes the Joint Center for Translational Medicine (JCTM).

  52. President Obama’s executive order lifts Bush-era limitations on human embryonic-stem-cell research.

  53. 2008

    BSCRC receives $19.8 million from CIRM to build new facilities for stem cell research.

  54. UCLA researchers are the first in California to create induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells)

  55. 2007

    The Broad Foundations donate $20 Million to advance the stem cell research effort at UCLA

  56. Stem cell researchers reprogram normal tissue cells into cells with the same properties as embryonic stem cells

  57. UCLA Stem Cell Institute receives $2.86 million from CIRM to create new laboratory space.

  58. 2006

    UCLA Stem Cell Institute recruits five internationally renowned scientists to its research team

  59. 2005

    UCLA launches Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Medicine

  60. 2004

    California voters approve Proposition 71

  61. 2001

    President George W. Bush restricts federal funding for stem cell research

  62. 1998

    World's first human embryonic stem cell lines are created