Shared Resources

Stem Cell Bank

Our center supports several shared resources, including research cores and infrastructure, that provide UCLA researchers with access to cutting-edge equipment, state-of-the-art facilities and highly trained technical staff.

These research hubs expand our investigators’ capabilities, foster interdisciplinary collaboration and accelerate the translation of promising scientific discoveries into treatments and cures.

Together, our research cores serve over 700 users from more than 200 labs across 40 UCLA departments. The specialized instruments, sophisticated technologies and in-house expertise the cores provide empower our investigators to pursue answers to complex questions using the highest-quality tools available. Core staff train users, help with experimental design and optimization, assist with data analysis and ensure the work done in our cores remains at the forefront of rapidly advancing technologies.

The dedicated staff and advanced laboratory space offered through our infrastructure enable scientists to overcome the regulatory and manufacturing bottlenecks that stand between the discovery of potential therapies and their application in the clinic. 

Thanks to these resources, groundbreaking therapies can be discovered, manufactured and tested in clinical trials — all on the UCLA campus.