Funding we offer

A male and female researcher stand side by side pipetting in a UCLA lab

Since 2008, the UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center has awarded our faculty more than $22 million to support innovative research that’s accelerating the development and application of stem cell therapies.

This investment has positioned past awardees to secure more than $600 million in extramural awards from entities including the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, the National Institutes of Health, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and private foundations.

Innovation Awards

Awards support UCLA faculty in pursuit of bold, cutting-edge research that could pave the way for stem cell-based discoveries that transform the way we study and treat disease.

Transformative Technology Development Awards

Awards support UCLA faculty seeking to develop innovative technologies with high potential to advance stem cell research.

Support our Innovation Fund

Make a gift to our Innovation Fund today or contact our Director of Development Sabrina Ayala at or 310-321-8976 to learn more about contributing to the future of research and medicine.