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Donald Kohn with clinical trial patient and mom

The UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center is unable to offer medical advice about specific diseases and doesn’t directly enroll patients in clinical trials.

Where to find a clinical trial

Our scientists are committed to turning discoveries in stem cell research into life-changing therapies for patients. Center researchers are involved in a number of clinical trials that are evaluating innovative therapeutic approaches that could change the way we treat cancer, blood and immune diseases, blinding eye diseases and other conditions.

As a research center, we don't maintain a database of clinical trials involving our more than 250 members. Here are resources to help those searching for clinical trials: 

Important considerations when looking for stem cell clinical trials

While the field has made significant advances recently, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, approving the first cell-based gene therapies to treat patients with sickle cell disease, the majority of stem cell-based products that have been reviewed and approved by the FDA so far are bone marrow transplants and therapies for blood and immune system disorders. There are several active clinical trials evaluating stem cell treatments for a range of other conditions, but these are considered experimental until formal approval.

A number of unproven stem cell “treatments” are being marketed as miracle cures by rogue stem cell clinics. Without going through the rigorous clinical trial process that shows safety and efficacy, these “treatments” can cause both physical and financial harm.  

The International Society for Stem Cell Research offers excellent resources for patients seeking stem cell clinical treatments, including a list of questions to ask before considering an unproven stem cell treatment and tips on how to identify companies offering unproven therapies

Additional resources for patients

California Institute for Regenerative Medicine: For Patients

New York Stem Cell Foundation: Understanding Stem Cell Treatments

American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy: Patient Education

National Institutes of Health: Clinical Trials Basics