Leadership & Key Members

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The Broad Stem Cell Research Center’s membership represents a diverse group of UCLA faculty committed to advancing stem cell research and its application to clinical medicine. Our faculty are in pursuit of breakthroughs that may lead to treatments for musculoskeletal diseases, cancer, blood disorders, and neurological disorders, among others. Dr. Owen Witte is the BSCRC’s internationally renowned founding Director. He is joined by esteemed colleagues and co-directors Drs. Utpal Banerjee and Gay Crooks in leading a team of world-class researchers in the translation of laboratory breakthroughs to new diagnostics and therapies.



Associate Professor
Co-Director, UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center; Professor and Rebecca Smith Endowed Chair, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine; Professor, Pediatrics
Associate Professor
Acting Director, Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center
Assistant Professor
Professor of Medicine and Biological Chemistry, Emeritus
Assistant Professor-in-Residence, Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology; Urology
Associate Professor, Pediatrics; Pulmonary Medicine