Paul C. Boutros, Ph.D., MBA

  • Professor, Human Genetics
  • Professor, Urology
  • Director, Cancer Data Science, UCLA Health Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Associate Director, Cancer Informatics, Institute for Precision Health
  • Vice Dean for Research (Interim), David Geffen School of Medicine
Training Program Mentor
Research Areas
Paul Boutros Headshot

Paul C. Boutros, Ph.D., MBA, is committed to transforming clinical practices and developing highly personalized forms of treatment for cancer. He applies computational techniques to analyzing large data sets to better understand disease patterns and manifestations in individuals.  

Boutros analyzes massive data sets to inform and improve cancer-related clinical practices, including diagnostics and personalized treatment strategies. By leveraging computational techniques, Boutros applies a “big data” approach to advancing precision medicine and the discovery of biomarkers. He is also continuously in the pursuit of improved methods.

Boutros hopes his research will advance precision oncology practices and enable the next generation of researchers to use and build on these techniques to cure cancer and develop new methods to improve human health. Though much of Boutros’ work to date has focused on prostate cancer, he is expanding the scope of his work to other cancers such as those of the bladder and kidney so that more patients can one day benefit from his research. 

  • Creating new computational methods that allow precision management of human disease — a personalized healthcare approach that tailors therapies and treatments to an individual
  • Developing large clinically-coherent cancer cohorts, linked to high-dimensional molecular or imaging data, which can help advance understanding of cancer and improve patient outcomes 
  • Creating statistical and machine-learning algorithms to identify novel features of cancer and create biomarkers that predict actionable clinical phenotypes, or how patients will respond to treatments 
  • Degrees

    • MBA, University of Toronto, Canada, 2016
    • Ph.D., Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto, Canada, 2009