Innovation Fund

Stem cell researchers in the lab

Groundbreaking research that changes the course of human health often begins with creative, ambitious and unconventional ideas. However, in the current funding climate, scientists are finding it increasingly difficult to secure funding for bold, innovative research endeavors.

That's where philanthropy comes in. Donations of all sizes support the center’s pioneering researchers as they work towards developing novel treatments and diagnostic tools for some of society’s most vexing medical conditions including cancer, heart disease, immune disorders, Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases and injuries, blindness and more.

Much of the philanthropic support the center receives is strategically invested through the Innovation and Research Award Programs. These programs support cutting-edge ventures that span the translational continuum: from trailblazing concepts too early in development to compete for external funding to promising therapeutic candidates that require additional resources to traverse the gap between discovery and clinical trial.

Program Overview

Bennett Novitch

Innovation Award recipient Bennett Novitch uses mini brain organoids to study neurological development and disease.

Awards range from $50,000 to $250,000 per year and are given to multi-disciplinary projects that demonstrate potential to expand the understanding of the body's inherent regenerative processes and set the foundation for the translation of new discoveries into clinical practice. Awardees are selected through a highly competitive review led by the center’s director in consultation with scientific advisors, who are experts in their respective fields.

The Innovation and Research Award Programs have proven to be extremely successful in catalyzing interdisciplinary collaborations, accelerating the pace of discovery and translation and helping faculty secure sizable grants from external sources. The dollar return on investment for such awards has been as high as 23 to one.

Your Support Makes an Impact

From healing those born with genetic diseases to regenerating tissues that have deteriorated with age, stem cells hold the potential to treat or cure a vast array of diseases and conditions. The center’s scientists are harnessing this potential and demonstrating that meaningful investments in research at the discovery and pre-clinical stages can yield tremendous results.  

If you are interested in supporting these critical award programs or fully funding an award to support research in a specific area, please contact Director of Development Sara Kalish at