Flow Cytometry Core

photo credit: Flow Cytometry Data Reader and Visualization Example

The Flow Cytometry Core provides the UCLA research community with flow cytometry instrumentation and expertise in cell analysis and cell sorting services. The instruments use Fluoresence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) technology to count and examine cells and DNA and provide simultaneous analysis of the physical and chemical characteristics of up to thousands of particles per second.

In order to regenerate, stem cells are usually surrounded by a support system of other cells. The Core enables our faculty to identify the stem cells they wish to study and distinguish them from the other cells in the dish or tissue. The cutting-edge instruments provide BSCRC faculty with the ability to analyze cell populations as well as isolate cells with special characteristics and characterize biochemical, genomic, and epigenetic properties. The Core is located in the Terasaki Life Sciences Building, room 3045.

Instrumentation and Fees:

Sorters (operator run only)        Usage Fees:     


Analyzers:  Usage Fees: Training Fees:
  • BD Celesta
  • BD Fortessa     

Independent Analysis: $36.51/hr

Operator Assisted Analysis: $102/hr      

Intital Training Session: $102 (3 hours)     

Supplemental Training: $50/hr

Access and Training Requirements:
Each lab member utilizing sorting and analysis services is required to submit a BSCRC Access Agreement  via email signed by both the user and their PI acknowledging the privileges and responsibilities. To gain UCLA ID card access to the Core, users are required to visit the BSCRC administrative office in 477 BSRB  during office hours (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 3:30-5PM).

Prior to scheduling hands-on analysis training with a Core operator, users are required to complete the following online courses:

Submit certificates of completion to the BSCRC prior to requesting access.

Contact a Flow Cytometry Operator, at least 24 hours in advance to arrange sorting appointments and include a completed BSCRC Sorting Request Form for each experiment. Appointments can be booked no more than two months in advance. Large sort appointments are subject to director approval. 

Analysis scheduling is done through the BSCRC Calcium Calendar. Login information for the calendar is provided after successful completion of training.