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The Broad Stem Cell Research Center supports innovation, excellence, and the highest ethical standards focused on taking groundbreaking stem cell research discoveries from the laboratory to the patient. We are committed to a multi-disciplinary and integrated collaboration of scientific, academic, and medical disciplines for the purpose of revolutionizing the treatment of disease through personalized cellular therapies and regenerative medicine.

What can stem cells do?

Stem cells have the potential to: • Replace cell tissue that has been damaged or destroyed by illness, • Replicate themselves over and over for a very long time, • Help scientists understand the origin of human biological development

FAQ Section: 

Research Funding

Since 2005, the Broad Stem Cell Research Center has provided UCLA faculty with more than $2.3 million of intra-mural funding to support innovative stem cell research. In turn, the resulting research generated data that has supported more than $30 million in extra-mural research grants from CIRM, NIH, NSF, and UC Discovery.

Education & Training

The Broad Stem Cell Research Center offers a continuum of learning opportunities that span from undergraduate courses to post doctoral training. Undergraduate, graduate, and clinical courses serve as a fundamental pathway for education and career development that reflects our mission: curing disease with laboratory research that translates to patient therapies.

Training Opportunities 


The breadth of research being conducted at the Broad Stem Cell Research Center is far reaching and seeks to bring basic laboratory research discoveries to the clinic. Our research programs include: