BSCRC scientist, Dr. Hanna Mikkola, reports blood stem cells originate and are nurtured in the placenta

Solving a long-standing biological mystery, UCLA stem cell researchers have discovered that blood stem cells, the cells that later differentiate into all the cells in the blood supply, originate and are nurtured in the placenta.

Stem Cell Researchers Reprogram Normal Tissue Cells into Cells with the Same Properties as Embryonic Stem Cells

Researchers at the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Medicine at UCLA were able to take normal tissue cells and reprogram them into cells with the same unlimited properties as embryonic stem cells, the cells that are able to give rise to every cell type found in the body.

$4 Million in CIRM Seed Grants

UCLA scientists received seven of 72 seed grants awarded today by the state to fund stem cell research, the first money distributed for work on human embryonic stem cells since California voters approved Proposition 71 in November 2004. Seed grant funding totaled $45 million.

UCLA Stem Cell Institute recruits five internationally renowned scientists to its research team

Five internationally renowned young scientists have been recruited to the research team of the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Medicine at UCLA (ISCBM).

From such respected institutions as Harvard, MIT, Rockefeller University and Johns Hopkins University, the new UCLA faculty members are joining a well established, cross­disciplinary stem cell research team at the ISCBM that includes top senior scientists studying stem cells and their role in cancer, HIV/AIDS, metabolic diseases, immune systems, skeletal and cardiac disease, and neurological disorders.

CIRM Releases First Year Training Grant Funds, UCLA Receives Largest Award

The state agency overseeing the stem cell research mandated by the passage of Proposition 71 has partially funded a series of grants awarded last September, officials from the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) announced today.