Topological Arrangement of Cardiac Fibroblasts Regulates Cellular Plasticity

Sequencing of Cancer Cell Subpopulations Identifies Micrometastases in Bladder Cancer

Biased Expression of the FOXP3Δ3 Isoform in Aggressive Bladder Cancer Mediates Differentiation and Cisplatin Chemotherapy Resistance

Synergy of Histone-Deacetylase Inhibitor AR-42 with Cisplatin in Bladder Cancer

Loss of MyD88 Leads to More Aggressive TRAMP Prostate Cancer and Influences Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes

Role of Rip2 in Development of Tumor-Infiltrating MDSCs and Bladder Cancer Metastasis

Toll-like Receptor 3-mediated Suppression of TRAMP Prostate Cancer Demonstrates the Critical Role of Type I Interferons in Tumor Immune Surveillance

Involvement of receptor-interacting protein 2 in innate and adaptive immune responses

X Chromosome Dosage Influences DNA Methylation Dynamics during Reprogramming to Mouse iPSCs

TFAP2C regulates transcription in human naive pluripotency by opening enhancers