Xist nucleates local protein gradients to propagate silencing across the X chromosome

Yolanda Markaki, Johnny Gan Chong, Yuying Wang, Elsie C. Jacobson, Christy Luong, Shawn Y. X. Tan, Davide Maestrini, Abhik K. Banerjee, Bhaven A. Mistry, Iris Dror, Francois Dossin, Johannes Schöneberg, Edith Heard, Mitchell Guttman, Tom Chou, Kathrin Plath
Thursday, November 4, 2021
Published in Cell
Left: This illustration shows how the RNA molecule Xist (represented by thin, pink wiggly lines) recruits large clusters of additional molecules (lavender and red) to spots along the X chromosome (gray) in order to silence the chromosome’s genes. Right: Kathrin Plath