Distinct Spatiotemporally Dynamic Wnt-Secreting Niches Regulate Proximal Airway Regeneration and Aging

Cody J. Aros, Preethi Vijayaraj, Carla J. Pantoja, Bharti Bisht, Luisa K. Meneses, Jenna M. Sandlin, Jonathan A. Tse, Michelle W. Chen, Arunima Purkayastha, David W. Shia, Jennifer M.S. Sucre,Tammy M. Rickabaugh, Eszter K. Vladar, Manash K. Paul, Brigitte N. Gomperts

Monday, July 27, 2020
Published in Cell Stem Cell
Microscopic image showing stem cells in young (left) and old (right) airways with cell nuclei seen in blue, airway basal stem cells seen in red and ciliated cells seen in green.