CCR5 Is a Therapeutic Target for Recovery after Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury

Mary T. Joy, Einor Ben Assayag, Dalia Shabashov-Stone, Sigal Liraz-Zaltsman, Jose Mazzitelli, Marcela Arenas, Nora Abduljawad, Efrat Kliper, Amos D. Korczyn, Nikita S. Thareja, Efrat L. Kesner, Miou Zhou, Shan Huang, Tawnie K. Silva, Noomi Katz, Natan M. Bornstein, Alcino J. Silva, Esther Shohami and S. Thomas Carmichael.

Thursday, February 21, 2019
Published in Cell
Brain tissue reveals scar formation (at left) and inflammation (on right) in mice after stroke. Bottom images show less scarring and inflammation (in red) in animals treated with the drug maraviroc, which blocks the CCR5 gene.