Stem Cell Club Meeting

  • Date: Friday, March 18, 2011
  • Time: 12-1 p.m.
  • Location:
    1100 Terasaki Life Sciences Building (TLSB)
We will be having a Stem Cell Club meeting this Friday,

March 18 at Noon in TLSB 1100
Terasaki Life Sciences Building (TLSB)
610 Charles E. Young Drive East

Our speakers will be from Dr. Lowry's Lab:

Andrew White, Ph.D. - “Defining the stem cell origins of Ras/p53 mediated squamous cell carcinoma”
Peiyee Lee, M.D. - “In vitro model of Rett Syndrome using induced pleuripotent stem cell technology”

Lunch will be provided.

For more information please contact:
Rachel Kim