Flow Cytometry Core

The Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory provides the latest technology and professional technical assistance for performing laser-based flow cytometric analysis and sorting. The facility operates four Becton Dickinson instruments: two LSRII analyzers - an LSRII and Fortessa - and two FacsARIA cell sorters. The instruments use Fluoresence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) technology to count and examine cells and DNA and provide simultaneous analysis of the physical and chemical characteristics of up to thousands of particles per second.

In order to regenerate, stem cells are usually surrounded by a support system of other cells. The Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory enables our faculty to identify the stem cells they wish to study and distinguish them from the other cells in the dish or tissue. The cutting-edge instruments provide BSCRC faculty with the ability to analyze cell populations as well as isolate cells with special characteristics and characterize biochemical, genomic, and epigenetic properties.



photo credit: Flow Cytometry Data Reader and Visualization Example