Stem Cell Research Award Program

In order to ensure that philanthropic donations are used to assist the most innovative science, the BSCRC has created a competitive review process in which a team of respected intra- and extra-mural scientists review applications and award deserving faculty with innovation and seed research awards.

Acting as a catalyst to propel collaborative cutting-edge research, the stem cell research award program advances the translation of basic stem cell research to therapies for the treatment of disease. This funding enables a select group of our world-class researchers to create and conduct research on stem cells that greatly enhances the potential for a break-through discovery. With an emphasis on early-stage investigations that are unlikely to be eligible for funding from CIRM or the NIH, recipients are selected based on a rigorous application process and review by the BSCRC director and advisory board. The program’s support is recognized in all relevant publications, web sites, and press releases.

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