CIRM-Broad Stem Cell Research Center Training Grant

This training grant funds the future leaders of the stem cell research field. 16 young scientists--graduate students, post-doctoral fellows (MD/Ph.D.) and clinical fellows--committed to advancing stem cell research are selected annually to learn from and work with leading experts in the stem cell field. To complement their laboratory and research education, trainees also participate in the BSCRC’s Annual Symposium attend the CIRM Annual Grantee meeting, and enroll in a course that discusses the social, legal, ethical and policy aspect of stem cell research to complement their laboratory research training.

An important goal of the fellowship program is to support individuals from diverse academic backgrounds including developmental biology, cell biology, neurobiology, molecular biology, biomedical imaging, tissue engineering, clinical medicine, law and ethics. Criteria for review of applications include prior demonstrated interest in stem cell biology, the record of, or potential for, creative research accomplishments by the applicant, and the relevance of the proposed project to stem cell biology.