Four BSCRC researchers, Reza Ardehali, MD, PhD, Elissa Hallem, PhD, Sririam Kosuri, PhD, and Lili Yang, PhD received the elite NIH Director’s New Innovator Awards. The four Innovator Awards to UCLA faculty were the most given to any institution.

Each awardee received $2.3 million to support their unusually creative and innovative research. The four UCLA researchers were among only 50 scientists nationwide to receive the New Innovator Award. Dr. Ardehali is investigating novel ways to use stem cells to regenerate heart tissue; Dr. Hallem studies interactions between animal parasites and their hosts to foster the further understanding of human parasitic diseases; Dr. Kosuri develops new biological system technologies to solve outstanding problems in gene regulation; and Dr. Yang is developing a new method to track special immune cells for use in new cellular therapies.

Four BSCRC Members Receive NIH Innovator Awards

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