Fall 2012 E-Newsletter

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center (BSCRC) E-Newsletter. Through the periodic distribution of this newsletter, we will keep you informed about our cutting-edge stem cell breakthroughs, share our notable scientific discoveries and successes in obtaining funding, and introduce you to the faculty who tirelessly pursue our mission of revolutionizing the treatment of disease through personalized cellular therapies and regenerative medicine.

Now in our seventh year, the BSCRC is paving the way for the future of personalized cellular medicine. Our focus on cellular therapeutics as the driving force of a new medicine is based on the concept of harnessing the curative powers of the body’s own cells. I believe the benefits of personalized cellular therapies through stem cells will fundamentally change medicine and the care of patients afflicted with a wide range of diseases.

We have a diverse set of research programs ranging from cancer to neurodegenerative disease, diabetes to sickle cell anemia to bone regeneration, and more. Our faculty are equally diverse, representing more than 10 different fields of study with unparalleled expertise. We are not business as usual at the stem cell center; rather, we are pursuing new technologies, unprecedented collaborations, and novel scientific questions. I invite you to click through this newsletter and spend some time on our website to learn more about the novel research underway here.

We welcome the opportunity to share our passion for our work. Together, we can change the way medicine is practiced and find cures for diseases that are currently untreatable.

Should you be interested in learning more or supporting our efforts, please contact Jamie A. Lynn at jlynn@support.ucla.edu or 310-983-3033.

Thank you.

Owen Witte, MD
UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center