World Stem Cell Summit

  • Date: Tuesday, October 04, 2011
  • Time: October 3-5, 2011
  • Location:
    Pasadena Convention Center


The UCLA Broad Stem Cell Research Center is a proud sponsor of the World Stem Cell Summit. The Summit is the largest interdisciplinary meeting of stem cell stakeholders, with an overarching purpose of fostering biomedical research and investment targeting cures.

Program and Registration Information:

Featured UCLA Speakers:
Amander Clark, PhD
Donald Kohn, MD
Irvin Chen, PhD
Russell Korobkin, JD

Other Speakers:
Rudolf Jaenisch, MIT
Nissim Benvenisty, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Clive Svendsen: Cedars Sinai Medical Center
Alan Trounson, CIRM
Wise Young, Rutgers University
Arnold Kriegstein, UCSF
Jeanne Loring, Scripps Institute
Martin Pera, USC
Nissim Ben
Meri Firpo, University of Minnesota
James Yoo, Wake Forest
Mark Humayun, USC