Education and Training

Faculty member Samantha Butler with trainee Sandeep Gupta

The BSCRC has a robust training program, funded in part by CIRM and in part by internal resources. We currently train 22 graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and physicians in the conduct of stem cell research. The program offers the opportunity to work with faculty who are leaders in cell and molecular biology, gene medicine, cell based therapies, engineering and organ transplantation. The program also includes mandatory training in the social, legal, ethical and policy aspect of stem cell research. Through the training program, participants gain the knowledge needed to translate basic research findings from the laboratory to the clinic. We achieve this through a coordinated approach that integrates formal classroom training, seminars and symposia and laboratory research.

Philanthropic support of graduate student fellowships enables the BSCRC to offer additional aspiring scientists the opportunity to participate in this prestigious program and deepens the program's impact on UCLA’s educational mission.

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